The who we are post

As mentioned in the first post, there’s a team of 4 of us that play these games. From left to right we have:

Adam – Liverpool fan, poker player, heavy metal fan, WWE fan, plays cricket as well as umpiring.

Leese – Liverpool fan, obsessed with anything to do with Gibraltar, and a huge heavy metal fan ( I have to mention Fozzy and Breed 77 here or she’ll probably kill me!)

Julie – fitness mad, plays American football, heavy metal fan, cake baker extraordinaire, and it’s entirely her fault we’ve gotten into these games.

Asa – Man City fan, poker player, console game enthusiast and massive sports fan in general, though just plays cricket these days.

We all have differing strengths and weaknesses, which is a reason why we absolutely adore playing escape games, and are relatively successful at escaping. Julie is the commander, the organiser, she takes charge and keeps us all focused. Leese is the destroyer, a tidy thought out room becomes a huge mound of destruction in seconds. She also never misses a clue. Adam is the nimble fingered one, no lock is safe in his grasp! Asa is the geek, the go to guy for any general knowledge or number puzzles. He’s also the level headed one, keeping everyone calm when the pressure mounts.

Adam, Julie and myself, since we started in late October, have played 9 escape games so far, Julie has escaped 7/9, Adam and myself 6/9. Leese has played in 3 and has a 100% record in escaping.

As a group we are now becoming known in the Escape game community. We have, as a group, played all 5 of the available games at Breakout Manchester, both the games at Clue HQ in Warrington, and we hold the current record for the quickest escape at Escape Quest in Macclesfield, beating 2 teams from Breakout Manchester!!

Only last week, we helped test the Secret Lab for The Escape Room in Manchester, and we are also due to help test the new Breakout Manchester room, Classified, in the next couple of weeks. We are also in the planning stage to get together for the other 4 rooms in The Escape Room, and as soon as they are announced, the 2 new rooms at Clue HQ Warrington, and Clue HQ Blackpool.

There’s a lot more to come from us, we’ll go through each location and tell you what we think!


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