Clue HQ – Bunker 38 – 1 hour later


After the agonising failure of the Dungeon of Doom, we had a quick break before we hit Bunker 38. Despite playing the Dungeon of Doom just an hour previously, the host insisted we went through the set up as usual, and to listen to the story…

After being locked in an underground bunker following a radiation leak, it’s now time to leave as you’ve limited oxygen left. Only 60 minutes of breathable air remains – will you escape in time?

Now the initial room for Bunker 38 was, at this point, the trickiest first room we had come across. Again there was the usual variety of puzzles we had come to expect, but the actual use of the entire room was excellent.  We actually managed to put our coats/bags etc right in the way of one of the clues, which definitely didn’t help, but didn’t actually stop us solving that specific puzzle, just slowed us down. (maybe there should be somewhere specific in the room where they would not get in the way? – just a side thought)

The cracking thing we did find about Clue HQ with both rooms is the uniqueness of both the puzzles and the solutions. On the main they were amazing, but in Bunker 38, we did get one that didn’t actually work, even when we had everything working right. We obviously aren’t going to say which puzzle as we know the team at Clue HQ have sorted it since, and it didn’t hold us up as the host quickly buzzed us with the result of that puzzle, once they could see that we’d done all we could!!


As with the Dungeon of Doom, we again entered the last 10 minutes with it going to be very close… and it was at this stage we truly realised how evil the thought process behind some of the puzzles, clues and solutions actually were. I will simply say this. During the briefing, listen carefully and pay lots of attention, even, like we are, quite comfortable with the ins and outs of escape games. Long term, it will definitely help matters!!

This time, we did manage to escape, with only a couple of minutes (if that), left on the clock. Those last 10 minutes of rooms, especially if you know it’s going to be close, definitely gets the blood pumping!


Overall Clue HQ is definitely a pretty tough couple of rooms ( and we really are looking forward to the 3rd!). The puzzles are definitely different to any we had seen ( or have seen since), and there are plenty of them to keep even the largest group occupied! The hosts that we dealt with were extremely friendly, very knowledgeable and can help judge the quality of the players, and if necessary, adapt the game. We had a nice long chat with them afterwards, as we are getting into the thought processes behind the games, and the thoughts for designs of games. We did mention a game, where escape wasn’t too difficult, but the idea being to take as much out ( ie like a bank robbery), and the 2 guys looked at each other and kept fairly quiet. Obviously, we have similar thoughts, and we are trying their new room, The Vault, next week which has a similar process!! Great minds think alike???

Clue HQ is very easy to find, very easy to book, and very tough to play. The surrounds, atmosphere, hosts, puzzles ( barring the one that didn’t work, and even that was an awesome puzzle), were all absolutely spot on. They have great experience in a similar background to escape games, and the hosts that we talked to obviously love what they do, and it shows with their enthusiasm and dedication to an excellent venue. We are looking forward to crossing swords with them very soon!!


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