As of mid March.. favourite 5 rooms


With currently having difficulty writing game reviews, I just want to do a quick review of my favourite 5 rooms played so far. This is not just about the difficulty ( that’s for another post), but the look, feel, the actual story,  quality of the game hosts as well as the whole process from start to finish. This is also a personal choice by Asa, and the others in the group will have their own say as time goes on.

escape quest 2

Mr Copplestone’s Curiosity Shoppe from Escape Quest just takes top spot. The whole room felt perfect in concert with the story. The look of the rooms were excellent ( and in some cases we were scared to touch), we came across some ingenious puzzles which blended very well with the room, actual decisions which affected the gameplay and more to the game than actually just escaping. It is actually a difficult game, as shown by the number of escapees, with a nice touch of photos of all escapees in speed order on the wall of fame on the website.


Dungeon of Doom from Clue HQ is JUST beaten into second. Both the above rooms are quite a bit above the rest I’ve played so far. This is partially due to the difficulty level of the room, and the sheer number and variety of puzzles. The start to the game is, as far as I am aware, is still completely unique. All I say to anyone playing this room, is good luck!!


Classified from Breakout Manchester comes 3rd in my list. Even though we tested the game, and played the very rough version it was highly enjoyable. The actual technology that was usable in the game was the best I’ve seen, and being an escape game without an actual escape ( and with that, being unsure when the finish was) just elevated it a touch. I’d love to be able to play this now with it being set up perfectly!


I’ve not reviewed the Vault yet, but the premise is simple. Escape and get as much cash as possible whilst doing so. They’ve added in pre-work to do before coming to the room, meaning there’s another element included, and it basically means no matter what, you get the full hour!! Full review to come!

Fifth in the list ( which I don’t have a pic for at the moment), is Room 13 from the Escape Room. Again I haven’t yet reviewed it, but you can tell the additional budget they have spent, with astonishing visuals and sound effects. As a very experienced group, we found it in the main not hugely difficult, but we can definitely see where it would be tough for a newer group.


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