We are absolutely insane….

So yesterday saw us attempt something only the most dedicated of escape gamers or the clinically insane would want to attempt. I’m pretty sure we fit into both those categories…..

Anyway one of our crew reached a milestone age and what better way to celebrate than try to escape as many rooms as possible in 1 day?! To make it more fun he had absolutely no clue what we were planning.
It all started a few months ago when were trying to find a way to celebrate Adams 30th birthday. All we knew was that it had to be something epic. I can’t even remember what sparked the idea it may have even be a joke but it wasn’t long before we began planning it for real.
Having completed 90% of the rooms in the local area and what was left we wanted to save for when we had the full team together (sadly Leese was unable to join us for this) We had to look further afield.
Finding enough rooms close enough to each other was a bit of a logistical nightmare but with a bit of planning, and replanning we eventually settled on the following rooms: (we will do full reviews of all the rooms soon there’s way too much to say in one blog post)
The day was to start at The Great Escape Sheffield 10:30am
We took on their new Homicide room and made it out with just over a minute remaining on the clock.
great escape - homicide
mad scientist
Next up was The Mad Scientist thanks to a quick start we made it out with around 4 mins left to spare .
great escape - scientist
It was a great boost to our confidence and hoped that it set the tone for the rest of the day. They were extremely accommodating and helped us surprise Adam with his birthday cake during the game. We really loved their rooms, there is so much to say about them but it will have to wait for the full review. but they do have some amazing plans for the future!
So after a quick look around we were onto Crack the Code for our 3rd room which was about a 10 min walk away. We were locked away for 1pm and felt all warmed up and ready to take on the task, and a quick chat with our host  revealed that they are a lot more puzzle based that some rooms out there, which was fine with us we tend to excel in these types of rooms. At this point we felt like we were in the zone and could defeat anything (not quite at escape Jedi status yet but we felt close)  and this was proven correct, when we tore through the room and totally smashed their previous record with a time of 37mins 52 seconds!!
So that was Sheffield completed Adam was pretty sure we were heading off for lunch, but nope we were off on a short trip up the M1 to Leeds.
Thankfully We arrived in Leeds with enough time to grab some lunch ( something we sort of had forgot to plan for oops)
Rooms 4 and 5 of the day were to be at Locked in games ….
First up was the Classroom, and  I honestly feel we were at peak performance here, we ploughed through and came close to the record on minimal hints,  but towards the end signs of escape game fatigue were starting to show… over thinking a simple puzzle probably cost us our second record of the day.
locked in escape 1
We had the option to dive straight into the Nursery which was next on the list but sensibly decided to take a 30 min break and give our brains a rest. The nursery is supposed to be a little easier than our previous room, but the mental assault our heads had taken over the previous 7hrs (yep it was now 5:30pm and yep we had no clue how it was so late) had taken its toll! clues got missed … but we still managed to get out!
locked in escape 2
Then comes our last minute addition to the day, during the planning process we found out that the unofficial record for number of rooms escaped in a day was 5… so obviously we had to add one more and there was only one place it could be! Back to our buddies at Breakout only this time visit their new Liverpool venue and take on the Shipwrecked room.
It was a 2 hour drive across the Pennines to get there and it was always a bit of a gamble for us that we would get there in time without hitting traffic… it was the one we were most nervous about and yes Adam honestly thought we were finished and heading out for dinner ( suggesting we try a couple of venues to beat the record), but we successfully put him off..
Luckily we got there nice and early and had time to share a few slices of pizza with the staff before we took on our final room, however, we knew by this time we were either going to be escaping machines capable of breaking the most difficult code by just looking at it or a total physical and emotional wreck. Well i’d like to think we weren’t quite wrecks but we definitely weren’t at the top of our game. Simple puzzles became quite hard, and what should have been an easy escape with at least 20 mins on the clock was a lot closer to the wire than that. We did however manage to escape and maintain our 100% record for the day.
breakout liverpool
All in all it was a fantastic experience! The venues were extremely accommodating putting up with our booking changes beforehand and looking after us on the day, and of course, we will post full reviews up soon. We were really impressed with the quality of the rooms and the puzzles we came across. Sadly due to the nature of the challenge we weren’t able to chat to everyone after the games as long as we would have liked. Being escape game geeks (Joobs more than the rest of us) its always nice to get to know our hosts and discuss puzzles and rooms and anything else related.
Many thanks to all the venues and staff we can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future although next time we may not try and do them all in one day!!

4 thoughts on “We are absolutely insane….

  1. We did six in a day! Not in the UK, though, so your national record stands (as far as I know), and I’m sure we’ve both been bested in Hungary or Beijing or something.


  2. We did six in a day! Not in the UK though. And I’m sure someone in Hungary or Beijing has done more.

    Congrats on your victorious “crawl” in any case! Here’s to your next one!


  3. The Great Escape Sheffield are taunting the world about the undefeated nature, to date, of their new Alcatraz room. This sounds very much like a job for the professionals. (Da-dum-dum, da-da, da-da, da-diddy-dum da-da etc.)


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