Did we Infiltrate Breakout Manchester successfully?


We have a bit of a soft spot for breakout Manchester (they say you never forget your first) so when we heard they had a brand new room for us to sink our teeth into we couldn’t book in quick enough!

Although thanks to the online banter between us and the constant reminders and teasing from Joobs that we beat their record at Escape Quest, we made sure we had our full team reunited again for the challenge as we already knew we weren’t getting any hints!

The description gave away no clues, we entered the room not knowing what to expect wondering how the “interview” would go and how it would affect our escape…  it added an element of the unexpected which is normally lacking after you’ve experienced a few games. We were also wondering how they had managed to open up another room in the space they had, as we’d believed that they’d maximised what they had available…

“You are interviewing one of the most dangerous criminal ever to have walked the planet in a maximum security ward. You believe this person may hold the answer to one of the greatest crimes ever committed. You have 60 minutes to interview the prisoner before the guards arrive. Can you extract the information from him in time?”

If we say anything more about the story from then on, it will spoil the surprise, so the story itself you’ll have to find out for yourself. The puzzles were pretty varied, and one in particular completely stumped us for 20 mins, even with hints! It was something we’d not come across before, an actual video clue, but we just couldn’t figure it out!! We also missed the most obvious clue in the history of escape games, and was one we’ve come across before ( and we STILL missed it!), and when we’d come to a particular point, we couldn’t go onwards without it. We literally had to step back into the corners of the room until we spotted it!! We did manage to thoroughly destroy the room as usual ( just a pre-emptive warning for anywhere we’re going soon).. We had a nail biting finish to the game, with just one clue left to solve and one safe to open (which we were pretty sure was going to give us the exit key) And only 8 mins left on the clock, We had managed to lock ourselves out of the safe… We had to wait 5 whole minutes for it to reset ( the longest 5 minutes ever!!) so we moved the safe as close as possible to the door crossed our fingers and hoped that this was indeed the end and with nothing else left to do we started resetting the puzzles and cleaning up the destruction we had caused.  I wonder how many escape room teams would actually do that?

It’s fair to say this wasn’t the best of performances from us, but we did manage to escape with a paltry 3 minutes remaining. As Infiltrate is rightly ranked in terms of difficulty alongside their John Monroe game, even though we escaped, we knew we’d been fairly average in our efforts!! Alongside John Monroe, Infiltrate is an ideal starter game, but even as an experienced team, we nearly failed! So it is suitable for all!

After the game, as a very special treat ( as Joobs had provided Breakout with a completely written, thought out and planned escape room design), we were allowed for a quick glimpse “behind the scenes”, to see the other side so to speak ( or as some might term them, the enemy!). Joobs in particular had a good rummage ( she is way more into escape games than the rest of us, and that’s saying something!!).

Breakout as a team were again absolutely fantastic. Where their rooms may lack  in some of the more technical marvels that other rooms may provide, they ensure you have the best possible experience, from the moment you book, until the moment you get home, and in our case, way way beyond!


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