Escape game addicts hit Vegas ( well, one of us!)

So…the reasons that we have been quiet lately are numerous, but the main issue is, quite simply, work. This has stopped us from writing reviews of the last few we have played, but more importantly, it has stopped us from playing any more as I (Adam) have been away. In Las Vegas.

I’m back in mid-July and the plan is then to keep going with as many rooms as is possible, but as I can’t resist the addiction for 8 weeks, I had a quick look online to see how many rooms Vegas has. Surprisingly, I found 4. Countdown Escape, Live Game Escape, Lockdown Escape and Live Escape Adventure. After a quick look at their websites, it turns out that some rooms in Vegas let you book on your own, but be prepared to play with people you don’t know! So, naturally, I thought I would give it a shot.

I ended up booking with Countdown Escape ( mainly because they allowed single bookings, they were top of the Google listings and because their rooms intrigued me. I wanted to book the Saw room but that one didn’t allow single bookings, so I ended up going for the Atelephobia room, with the blurb as follows (taken from their website linked above):
Meredith has captured her next group of victims, and you will be one of them! Experience the world of terror like never before. “Atelophobia” is based off the file from horror director Joe Lujan. Do you dare to play? You only have 60 minutes to escape.

Participants: up to 10 people
Duration: 60 minutes
Price: $35 per person when booked in advance, $38 per person at the door

With an escape rate of 24% and a difficulty level of 65% (Saw was 67%), I thought that chances of escaping would depend on who I had on my team. As it turned out, when I got there…I knew everyone on my team. Me. Just…me. Yep, nobody else had booked and I was on my own!

Into the room I went, fully expecting to get absolutely nowhere. And for the first 5 minutes, that’s exactly what happened. However, I managed to work a puzzle out somehow (still racking my and from then on, I was a machine. Without giving too much away, the puzzles were challenging for a newbie, but for someone who has played multiple games, I’d seen many variations of most of them. (Oh, and be prepared for some serious immersion!) I managed to get stuck on a puzzle that has seriously eluded me before, and is really annoying, but after a nice hint from the team at Countdown, I was able to carry on going and complete what I thought was all of the puzzles, until I had a massive WTF moment…and eventually…

Atelophobia_Sharples Atelophobia_Sharples2

Afterwards I sat and chatted for a bit with the team, and they were amazed not only to find out that I’d played so many rooms, but also that we blog and report about them, so naturally I directed them to here! If we all manage to get out to Vegas as a team then the first place we will be headed is here…mainly because I want to play Saw!

It was a good experience to play an escape game in another country and I would recommend it to anybody. Atelophobia is a good room to play and I was surprised to find out that it is based on a film made by a local director here in Las Vegas, and that some things in the room are actually from the film (I shall say no more, it’s worth finding out when you get there). If all the rooms in foreign countries are as good as this one, I look forward to any future visits!