A quick post, what we’ve been up to, what’s coming up, and our success rate!

Just a quick blog post to let the world know how we’re currently going, seeing I’ve not had much time to blog rooms.


We’ve caught up until March, and are writing up the epic 6 rooms in 3 cities in 1 day room reviews. We’ve then got Escape Quest – Amazon Escape, gameEscape and ClueFinders in Liverpool, then TickTockUnlock and ExitStrategy in Liverpool, both sides of Wanted in Breakout Liverpool, then finally Clue HQ in Blackpool, which we completed last weekend.

Plans for the future are to play the last 2 games in Escape Room Manchester, the 3 rooms at Lockin Escape in Manchester, Teleporter at Clue HQ Warrington, Facility at Breakout Liverpool and Bad Clown at Escape Quest in Macclesfield, *EDIT* and code to exit in Altrincham ( thanks for the reminder Chris!) No doubt we’ll find more to do, including Trapped Up North. However, the lack of funds and the lack of time means all we’ve actually booked is Bad Clown ( as we really wanted the 11pm slot on Halloween).


We are starting to lose count with how many rooms we’ve played as a team, and as a team of at least 3 of us playing, we’ve played 27 rooms, escaping in 25. The 2 we failed, Secret Lab in Escape Room Manchester, and the Dungeon of Doom at Clue HQ Warrington.


We’ve also been down to less than a minute remaining in Virus at Breakout Manchester, TickTockUnlock in Liverpool, and Quarantined at Clue HQ Blackpool.

We also hold a few escape records, but we’ll save that for another time ( especially as we lost another today!)


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