The Great Escape – Sheffield, Homicide & The Mad Scientist

Way back in April, we played our epic 6 rooms across 3 cities in 1 day. I suppose it’s about time we start to review the rooms!

The whole event was planned to celebrate Adam’s 30th birthday, and was under planning for over 3 months. What started as an away day in Birmingham, ended up with a trip to Sheffield, Leeds and Liverpool.

The Great Escape were especially accommodating to us, as we had initially booked just the Mad Scientist room, but by the time this all came about, they had opened a second room, Homicide. To help us with our challenge, they agreed to start their day early to allow us to keep to our already full schedule.

After a joyous very early morning drive from Chester, over the infamous Snake Pass, we arrived at the Great Escape nice and early. Which was fortunate. Julie had baked an excellent cake for Adam, but we had no way of getting it inside without him realising it. Therefore, I faked ( which didn’t take much doing) travel sickness whilst Julie and Adam went to get breakfast, and as soon as they were out of sight, grabbed the cake from the boot of the car and gave it to the team at the Great Escape to hide.

Soon enough, they returned and it was time to start our day. The blurb for Homicide on the website is as follows:

“Homicide – Like the Saw series? You’ll love this! You and your team of federal secret agents have had an anonymous call from what you suspect to be a serial killer. There has been strange on goings for a while and the suspect has been leaving pieces of puzzle at every crime scene as a taunt. It is now your mission to put an end to all of this and save Sheffield; however when you arrive at this particular crime scene address something peculiar happens…”


Before the start of the game, we were given options to choose from, which would definitely affect the game. There were 6 options, and being a team of 3, were allowed 3 choices. Then the next bombshell, we have 45 minutes to escape, not the usual 60!

I will be honest, the start of this and the second room were the best I’d been in. As a team, we were blindfolded and led into the room, whilst given the briefing by the hosts. It really does get your attention this way!! Time started and the blindfolds came off… to find Adam handcuffed to the wall, with Julie handcuffed to a chain, at the other end was me!

Great Escape have no hint screens, but walkie talkies, but it seemed to work fairly well as part of the whole scenario. The room was roughly 50/50 between solving puzzles and actually finding keys/codes which we’re not quite as good at, and the game went right to the wire. Fortunately we have Julie in the group, and she flew through the last puzzle, allowing us to escape with about a minute remaining!

A quick chat about the room and the game itself ( as we like to do), and we moved straight on to their next room, The Mad Scientist!

“Perfect for beginners. You have been captured by mad scientists, who are planning to use you as part of their research, to test a new secret experiment. They are planning to depopulate the world and it is your mission to save mankind before they
do so. Your time is limited, as the scientists will be back shortly. Hope you make it out in time, you only have 45mins!”

great escape pic 4

We again had the same choices given to us before the start of the game, and used the experiences of the previous room to choose what we were going to use. Similarly to the previous room, we were blindfolded before being led into the room. The briefing given for this room had me in stitches, so keep your ears open!

The start of this game requires one thing and one thing only. High quality teamwork. The initial task we subsequently found out, takes an average of 25 minutes to complete. We managed it in 5 minutes!! We did completely cock up the rest of the room, but it was definitely the easier of the 2 rooms available. The puzzles were simpler, but as often happens with us, we overthink them! As time goes on, there are nice touches, ie additional smoke coming out of the pipes!! We did manage to escape with a few minutes remaining, but made sure that Adam was the first one out, so he could be greeted by his cake immediately on the exit to the room!

great escape - homicide great escape - scientist

We got the obligatory photos on our exit, and got to dress up a little bit, and the Great Escape actually gave Adam a discount voucher for our next visit as it was his birthday ( no idea if it was a one off for us or they do for all tbh, but welcome all the same).

Since we played, they have opened a further 2 rooms, Placebo and Alcatraz, so we’ll no doubt be back again on another road trip!!

The team at Great Escape are great fun and exceptionally helpful, still chatting to us on Twitter and definitely showing their love of escape games!!