Locked in Games – Leeds – 2 VERY challenging and fun rooms

locked in 1

The third venue for the fourth and fifth games of the epic day was to be Locked in Games in Leeds, which required a scoot up the motorway. Locked in had also allowed us to alter the times of our games, which we are truly grateful for ( especially as we ended up changing twice due to a booking error by me in the first place!!).

classroom of doom

Whilst the majority of escape rooms tend to be about an actual escape story, ie, solve a crime, break out of a prison etc, we knew that with Locked in, this was going to be slightly different, given that the names of the 2 rooms are the Classroom of Doom and Nursery Nightmares.

Before talking about the rooms I will mention this. Locked in were the first rooms, at that point, where the background music truly added to the experience. Others, such as the Escape Room in Manchester, use very good sound effects, but this was a little different, and in particular in the Nursery Nightmares room, was pretty haunting, and worked very well.


As seems to be the case with the majority of the escape rooms, the host was absolutely superb with us, especially between rooms, as we needed to basically think about anything else but escape rooms              ( definitely a new experience, escape room fatigue!!), and I do think we received a little bit of sympathy assistance in the second room we played.

Both the Classroom of Doom and Nursery Nightmares were set up absolutely perfectly. If you can imagine a 70s/80s style primary school room, that’s the Classroom of Doom, small desks, a HUGE desk for the teacher and all the appropriate features. The task in the Classroom of Doom seems a simple one, you’ve been accused of something in the classroom, and it’s your job to prove it wasn’t you, as well as who it actually was. ( Any more info given than that will start to give the game away, so it’s all you’re getting!!) As well as all the usual styles of puzzles that are associated with escape games ( in this case based on schooling as expected), Locked in also apply completely different aspects as well which, if you don’t get them right, are down right frustrating! It’s the one place where checking and re-checking everything comes to the fore.

nursery nightmares

Nursery Nightmares has a similar, although obviously different storyline, and as with the wonderful Escape Quest, we were kind of scared to touch and move some of the great items in the room for fear of breaking them! This is the type of room we actually find tougher to play, on the surface, there seems to be very little to do, where in reality, we just needed to pay much more attention to the room and the features in it. However, as you can imagine, our brains were totally gone by this stage, but somehow we struggled through it all.

rocking horse

The actual endings to both games, if successful, are very skillfully put together, and definitely adds to the occasion and the sense of achievement when finishing, and it’s the little touches like this that stand out when comparing to others!!

Many thanks to Locked in for having us, ( apologies for taking so long to review!), and just to mention, we did manage to get out of both rooms, escaping with about 10 minutes remaining in both rooms.



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