Amazon Escape – and escape in style!


Way way back in May ( this is how far I am behind in my updates), we finally managed to get back to the wonderful Escape Quest in Macclesfield, to play their second room, Amazon Escape.


We actually managed to get all 4 members of the Addicts together for this one, which is probably the biggest shock part of this review!!

From the website :

You and your team of intrepid explorers have entered the Amazon rainforest in search of unchartered areas of land.  Inadvertently you have crossed into territory occupied by the Keeyhidi tribe, you are immediately captured and thrown into the cage you now find yourselves in.

The Keeyhidi tribe are some of the last remaining cannibals left in the world today.  So far they have made no attempt to harm anyone, feeding you all generously at every opportunity.  However, the large cooking pot they have just hoisted over the fire is making you feel uneasy to say the least.

They have never left you unattended until now, but luck is on your side today. The tribe have a very special celebration planned when one of their men will marry a girl from the neighbouring Yohfindy tribe, giving you and your team an opportunity to escape.

The ceremony starts with a visit to the Yohfindy village to collect the girl.  It’s a 30 minute walk away, so I’d estimate that you have an hour to make your escape.

Now, before we start the game review, we had talked to Elaine and Mike all the way throughout the set up of Amazon Escape, as we really couldn’t wait to go back.  There were a couple of game features that we knew about in advance, but neither of them are spoilers to the game. The first one is the floor…


Yeah, the floor is covered in sand, and I mean covered!! Any game that carries tons of sand up those stairs are serious about their game and your experience, and it’s fair to say, Mike was looking a lot fitter!! They’ve actually thought about it as well, with the team providing plastic overshoes if wanted!

The second feature, well, it’s again fair to say we’ve not seen anything like this in any escape room, and that Elaine and Mike are HUGE Crystal Maze fans…


Yes, there’s an actual waterfall in the room. Luckily it’s not an actual part of the game! Or accessible to wandering people!

A big part of the experience at Escape Quest, after the meet and greet, is the actual game introduction which really gets you in the mood for the game… and then we were off.

Straight into the room, it’s obvious this is not a normal escape room. Even though there’s no access, you can see, or at least imagine you can see the everything. Every single puzzle is related to the game and every puzzle is so different to each other one, with an addition of some physical challenges as well!!

It’s fair to say, we clicked. Absolutely flew through the room, and we only truly got stuck a couple of times. Before we knew it, we were out, in a frankly ridiculous time..


Which is 44:02, which to this day, is the record time for all games. Julie then went one step further, a little friendly “dig” at the competition from Breakout Manchester and Clue HQ.


Amazon Escape is an excellent second room for Escape Quest, it’s not as tough as their first room, but it’s also not designed to be. The one overriding memory I have is that, for 44 minutes, we basically smiled and laughed our way through it all. Even though we hold the quickest time, that doesn’t matter, the quality of the room, the fun we had and the excellent overall experience, topped off by the wonderful Mike and Elaine, is what makes the room, and Escape Quest, an amazing place to go, and for that, the Escape Game Addicts thank you 🙂


Breakout Liverpool. Shiver me timbers

The final of the 6 games on this day was to be the very new Shipwrecked room at Breakout Liverpool, which after the previous game in Leeds, was a 75 mile drive through rush hour traffic at the end of what was already a very long and tiring day. All the time travelling, we were intimating to Adam that we were going for food in Liverpool, and he was insisting on trying to book a 6th room for the night, obviously, we’d got there first! We’d liaised with Breakout to order in pizzas etc to also give them a little treat as well ( we do tend to treat them all pretty well) as well as to give us so much needed recovery time from the previous games, as well as the drive!


From the website: Can you escape the famous Soldado Pirate shipwreck with Captain Chiver’s most prized and valuable treasure before his ghost that endlessly haunts the ship finds you, and drags you down into his watery grave? You have 60 minutes to search the ship and find your way out with the riches.

Shipwrecked is only a 3/5 rated difficulty, and it was a good job as 2 out of the 3 of us were exhausted, with only Adam showing any energy. The room is set up well, kind of cavey/sandy and you kind of get the feel that Breakout have put a lot of thought into the room to get this “feel” right.


Whilst playing, we did come across an issue we hadn’t before. There were 2 locks, both coloured the same, and after some cryptic messages on the monitor, the game controller paused the time and came into the room. Unfortunately on the set up of the game, they had put the wrong lock in the wrong place, meaning we had access to places we shouldn’t, and had no access to things we should. The quick way to solve this should have been to simply swap the locks over and allow us to continue, however, we continued on. This meant that answers to clues we had were wrong, and lots of shouting and conversation with the screens had to be done, to allow us to continue in the game at certain points. This obviously held us up quite a bit, as well as frustrated us a hell of a lot.

However, we progressed with the game, which had some damn enjoyable puzzles as well as a series of well themed puzzles/clues/answers all associated with the style of the game, and we escaped with approx 10 mins remaining ( although I can’t quite remember).

breakout liverpool

The game was certainly an enjoyable one, although in this instance, let down by an error in the game set up. It is quite an easy game, so if you’re experienced, play this one for fun rather than the challenge, or even go for a record time?