Room rankings – As of end Feb 2016

I’ve been asked ( well, pestered), by Ken of the excellent escape game review blog the Logic Escapes Me for a few months now, to present my ranking list of escape room games. I’ve done this list as a strictly personal list,  based on several things. It’s not based on the thoughts of the whole team of us ( that will be done another time)The quality of the room as a whole, the flow of the game, the storyline,the quality  and relevance of the puzzles, the game hosts, but to me, the most important part, the enjoyment and fun that I had.

Some of the games I’ve played have been reduced in price/free for varying reasons, and this bears absolutely no impact in the list. I’ve also not taken into account overall difficulty levels as that’s a different kettle of fish altogether. When I have a bit more free time, I’ll edit the ranking to link to reviews, but for now, I’ll just put the list out there….

  1. Escape Quest Macclesfield – Curious Encounters
  2. Cluefinders Liverpool – Remy’s room
  3. Extremescape Disley – Pirate Ship
  4. Clue HQ Warrington- the Vault
  5. Escape Quest Macclesfield- Bad Clown ( 90 minute)
  6. Clue HQ Warrington – Dungeon of Doom
  7. Breakout Liverpool – Wanted -Indians
  8. Breakout Manchester – Sabotage
  9. Clue HQ Blackpool – Detonation
  10. Breakout Manchester – Madchester
  11. Escape Quest Macclesfield- Amazon Escape
  12. Breakout Liverpool – Wanted – Cowboys
  13. Great Escape Sheffield – Homicide
  14. Clue HQ Blackpool – Quarantined
  15. Crack the Code Sheffield – Cold War Room
  16. Exit Strategy Liverpool – Illuminati
  17. Breakout Manchester – John Monroe
  18. Code2Exit Altrincham – Blueprint
  19. Locked in Games Leeds – Classroom of Doom
  20. Clue HQ Warrington –  Bunker 38
  21. Breakout Manchester – Classified  (only now in Liverpool) – test game
  22. Great Escape Sheffield – Mad Scientist
  23. Gamescape Liverpool – Golden Cage
  24. Escape Room Manchester – Room 13
  25. Locked in Games Leeds – Nursery Nightmares
  26. Tick Tock Unlock Liverpool – Blueprint
  27. Breakout Manchester – Facility
  28. Breakout Liverpool – Shipwrecked
  29. Escape Room Manchester – Slaughterhouse
  30. Breakout Manchester – Virus
  31. Escape Room Manchester – Secret Lab – test game
  32. Tick Tock Unlock Manchester – the Hatch
  33. Breakout Manchester – Infiltrate ( room has been changed since we played)

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