The reviews return

After a long period away, the reviews will be starting back next week.

We’ve had changes to the team due to changes in personal circumstances, and I’ve also got a new job role at work, meaning I’m now ridiculously busy, rather than just very busy.

We’re in the double digits in terms of rooms to review, but we will catch up with them. We’re just going through the rooms we need to do, sort out the order we’ll review them, then get to it.

With cricket season nearly over, we’ll be looking to play again, and have already had a couple of nice offers from Trapped in ( Bury), Exit Strategy ( Liverpool) and know I have a fair bit of credit to use at Escape Quest ( Macclesfield) for their next room, 13th Element.

When the reviews are done, the list will be updated yet again 🙂


2 thoughts on “The reviews return

  1. Hi Adam et al!
    Love your blog – my partner and I are coming to Europe soon, so we’re planning to use your suggestions to select escape rooms to try in your backyard 🙂
    If you ever find yourself in Australia, I’m the founder of an escape room in the middle of Sydney – Next Level Escape. We would love to have you come by and review our rooms! Let me know if you are planning an Antipodean trip at some stage 😀


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