Wirral Escape Rooms – The Curse of the Golden Lion

Despite the fact that we try to avoid reviews when we choose our games, I’d heard nothing but amazing reviews of Wirral Escape Rooms, run, of course, by Ian and Amy of BritofanEscapeHabit fame. We were really excited by playing as we know the absolute passion they both have for the industry. We were worried that the hype we’d heard would detract from the game itself…

wirral escape room 1


I’d met Amy and Ian a couple of times, playing the Crystal Maze as part of a team and against each other at Clue HQ Sacrifice, and we have traded much banter on Twitter. I wasn’t worried myself about the game or anything in that area, more the amount of help we’d get if got stuck on anything…

The blurb from the website for the game:

Famous adventurer Hathaway Brown has mysteriously contacted you. Being past his prime he has picked you and your team for a very important mission….Hathaway once spent some time in the Jungles of South America, where he claims he found the Golden Lion. The only problem is, he left it in his jungle shack, which was padlocked up in a way that only Hathaway could execute… with puzzles & riddles!
Only someone of outstanding wit, with an adventurer’s heart and a keen brain could solve the puzzles, reclaim the Golden Lion and escape the curse…  Are you brave enough to answer the call of adventure?

golden lion

Quite honestly and bluntly, we had nothing to worry about. The experience from start to finish was spot on, the look and feel matched the game, the puzzles matched the game, neither too easy or too hard. They have the things I look for in an escape room, which are firstly a proper reason to escape the room and secondly, something that runs concurrently to the game but yet adds to the game. This game does that perfectly, with the main escape being to reclaim the Golden Lion and escape, but also to find several of Hathaway’s possesions ( which are not vital to finish the game itself). Amy also ensured we got clues when we needed them and didn’t jump in 🙂

wirral escape room 3

We managed to escape as well as retrieving 2 of Hathaway’s possessions. A cracking game and highly recommended to all, whether really experienced or completely new to escape games. We can’t wait for the next games that roll off the list.



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